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At C & C Logging we care about our clients and put great value on our employees. We genuinely care about people, so we’re taking steps to make sure we can deliver exceptional results while also safeguarding the welfare of our contractors. Our business in Kelso, WA is licensed and insured. 
 We are looking for capable individuals who are interested to be part of our team and are willing to share our vision for innovation. For more information on our services, reach out to us.


Frank and Lee Chandler began logging in Vernonia, OR in November of 1967 with the purchase of one HdD-6 cat, one arch, one employee, no money and a contract with Crown Zellerback. The two C's in C & C Logging represent Chandler and Chandler. By 1974, they had added a few more pieces of equipment and moved the operation to Longview, WA.
They had two children, Frank Jr. and LeeAnne, who have grown up, graduated from college and returned to the family business, and in 2004 became full partners in C & C Logging, LLC. In that same year they relocated their shop to Kelso, WA as the company had grown out of their space.
The company has since grown to become one of the largest logging companies in the Pacific Northwest with more than 100 employees. Their vision of keeping up with technology, safety, production and quality has allowed the company to grow and become successful.


C & C Logging was an early adopter of mechanization, with the approach that “getting boots off the ground” would make things safer for contractors.
C & C Logging has also been at the forefront of steep slope machine (SSM), or tethered logging and had the first tethered machines in North America. Since then, they have been building and selling steep slope system equipment and have also started manufacturing a cable yarding system with a grapple carriage.
These innovations reduce risks to workers. Just one of C & C’s steep slope machines replaces up to four of the industry’s most dangerous jobs.
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