Exceptional Logging Contractor Services

Before C & C Logging became one of the largest logging companies in the Pacific Northwest, we also used to complete our job with saws or axes. Now, with 100 employees, we’re using the most advanced technology to deliver safe and quality results to our clients. In addition, high-quality machines can also finish jobs much faster and more efficiently.

A steep slope machine is said to replace up to four of the industry’s most interest jobs. This can give your peace of mind, knowing that there’s less possibility for injuries to be incurred during your project.

What We Offer

We offer the lowest rates possible for our quality solutions. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Commercial /Contract Logging
  • Winch Assist
  • Grapple Logging
  • Ground Based Logging
  • Leveling Shovels
  • Cut to Length
  • Conventional Cable Logging
  • Final Harvest
  • Heavy Transport
  • Cutting

If you need our logging contractor services, schedule an appointment with us in Kelso, WA. We can offer free quotes and estimates on your project.

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“Logger safety is critical. One accident can change life forever. Ask C & C Logging — they know.” - Travis N.
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